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The term Bharwad is said to be a modified form of the word badawad, from the Gujarati wordsbada meaning sheep and wada meaning enclosure. This name was said to be acquired by the Bharwad on the account of their traditional occupation of being shepherds. According to their own traditions they are descendents of Yadava and their ancestors came from Mathura along with Sri Krishna when Sri Krishna moved from Mathura to Dwarka. In Gujarat they started spreading from the place Jajawada. 


Today's Bharwad are also the descendents of Anavil Bharwad, who helped a Chavda prince regain his kingdom. By their pattern of behavior and work they can be classified in neuro science as the Kshatriya Kul (In total Four Kul) of traditional Hindu society.The proof is Bharwad Vaas(Group of houses belong to the same clan of people) is always at the entrance of the village, this is the strategic location for the protection of the village economy. This strategic location has to be protected by the toughest group of the village and if this could be broken down by the invaders only then they would be able to ruin the village and its economy. There are also traditions that they are members of the Ahir tribe who took up the occupation of shepherding because they were out of jobs as Kshatriaya warriors in absence of battles between kingdoms during that period.


The Bharwad are found all over Gujarat, their majority of population is in Ahmedabad district. They are categorised into two endogamous sections, the Motabhai and Nanabhai. The Motabhai Bharwads are further categorised in clans like the Hadagra, Dharanjiya, Satka, Ajra, Goltar, Mundhwa, Lamka, Nashatar etc. The Nana bhai Bharwads are further categorised in clans like the Meer, Boriya, Algotar, Sabhad, Jograna, Satiya, Sindhav, Dabhla, Parmar etc.[5]While among the Bharwad of south Gujarat, their main clans are the Vaharka, Chandulka, Rokadka, Kalwamia, Jodika, Gundarya, Kuhadiya, and Dahika.since Bharwad are known in maharashtra then,why are they not given the facilities of Nomadic tribes or other facilities so that they can educate themselves and participate in the development of the country.


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